Unconventional city bike

Car CityBike is a means of locomotion propelled by pedalling a back wheel and 2 front wheels with, in the middle, a case to carry light weights. The bike has got a metallic structure on the top up to the back wheel. This structure includes a protecting cover for the cyclist in case of rain and sun.

The invention of "CarCityBike" is not technical because in the last one almost everything exists: 3 wheels bicycle (with 2 front wheels); bicycle with cover, trolley, pedals (pedicab). This invention is to be considered philosophical as we tried to develop three important concepts: an attractive design, light weight with compact dimensions and the possibility of using the bicycle in any weather condition.

Compared to others, this invention owns the following features:

1. Limited weight (max 25 kg);
2. 2 front wheels for an improved stability allowing the use also to disabled persons;
3. Short distance between the 2 front wheels (max 65m) in order to give agility to the vehicle in the traffic;
4. A case between front wheels for carrying light weights;
5. Gear for easier departure if weight;
6. The cover for rainy weather;
7. Driving mirrors, headlamps, handle bar, saddle recalling details of a car;
8. Modern design suitable to city environment.

The vehicle keeps all the assets of a classical bicycle: zero environmental impact (no energy consumption, no pollution), limited costs for purchase and maintenance, limited occupied space.
"CarCityBike" a means of transport which substitutes the car where this one is useless or unnecessary.

"CarCityBike" is particularly suitable to city reality, it appeals to Italian market, and also to the northern European one where a policy of respect of environment is in place since several years. A lot of areas of the cities are already equipped with numerous bike paths for normal and safe movement of bicycles.

"CarCityBike" can be used, as well as private citizens, even by large companies who need to reach the different buildings like office buildings, warehouse, factory, warehouse technicians, watchtowers, etc. with an alternative, safe, light, ecological and especially economic vehicle.

"CarCityBike"can also be used by logistics companies (couriers services and post offices) who need to carry bags and bundles of small size and light weight.

In 2007 the prototype of the vehicle "CarCityBike" has been patented and introduced to the international Exhibition of the innovations in Milan "Innovation Circus" organized and sponsored by the Lombardy Region, Province of Milan and Chamber of Commerce of Milan (link
In July 2008 the company "I-Zero S.r.l." has been created to take care of the planning, construction, commercialization and maintenance of velocipede "CarCityBike"